The Life Back - Paperback

The Life Back - Paperback

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This is the story of life after The Life - Paperback Edition. 

In December of 2014, Lisa Ann announced her retirement from the adult entertainment industry. She released her first book, The Life, in December of 2015.

On New Year’s Eve, she received a phone call threatening her life—a call that came from inside her own home. For Lisa Ann, this was only the beginning of a terrifying year that would spiral completely out of control. In public, she was still entertaining her fans and maintaining her persona on her wildly popular Fantasy Sports Radio shows.

In private, she descended through layer after layer of depression, isolation, fear, and darkness. But the more her life contracted physically—as she retreated into the small, quiet places where she could feel safe—the more her mind began to open. The force to be still created a silence that gave her room to listen. Room to learn. Room to change. And the chance to break free.

The Life Back chronicles her three-year odyssey through terror, chaos, forgiveness—and becoming unstoppable.

The Life Back

My wanderlust for travel and meeting inspirational people has been the main fiber in my life.

Meeting Dr. Ruth at The Oxford Union was legendary and spending ten days discovering Alsaka was the greatest.

The only thing missing was meeting Sarah Palin. 

Dr Ruth and Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann in Alaska

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